Your New Experience for Self-awareness

Want to explore your own emotional life and increase self-awareness?

Take advantage of your trip to get a new perspective of your life.

Your private 1 to 1 Homostesia session:

Discover how your life is impacting in your organs & emotions, and get emotional management orientation.

See your energy in images with the biophotonic technology developed by St. Petersburgh University scientists. An amazing projection of how the energy is flowing in your body.


-Analysis from your hands fingers, innocuous and non invassive. No pain, you don’t need to take off your clothes.

-Your stress levels & emotional pressure levels.

-The balances & disbalances in each organ.

-Be heard & be coached. You get tips for emotional management, and to improve the energy flow in your body depending of the results.

-The session ends with 10 minutes biofeedback with your own body frequencies connected to your ears, getting a deep relaxation and instant wellness sensation.

Important:  A person with heart pacemaker or with big metalic prothesis in their bodies, can alter the results.  This is not a clinical diagnosis or a psychotherapy. Is a self-awareness tool. If you are worried about your health, please visit your trusted professional.

COACH: Bianca Atwell Science and Art Project Director, scientific author, speaker & talent’s coach. Certified analist by I.I.B.A. Institute in physiophysical-emotional analysis with EPC/EPI biophotonic technology. Spanish Naturopathy & Biotheraphy Professional Association honour member.

English, portugués & español speaking.

Book your  self-emotional-journey calling or sending a WhatsApp or an SMS to the phone:

(+34) 666243574

Flexible dates & times for you to book & combine your session during your trip.

See your emotional state in images & emotional training in Lanzarote.
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