Logo Famara YogaLoved by couples, stressed people, surfers, yoga practitioners and for all ones that wants to explore their own emotional life, we have an emotional training cicle open at Famara Yoga space, wich includes a private and complete analysis with EPI/EPC technology for you to see in images your psychophisiological and energetic state.

Five sessions of Emotional Training plus one private session for you with a certified analyst by the I.I.B.A. Institute who will lead you to know the latest scientific findings on the energy dynamics of human emotions and how to apply them to your own life.

In our sessions we understand how they work at the neurophysiologycal level, and we run easy and entertaining self-awareness excercises, sharing healthy drinks & snacks.

emotional training in Lanzarote

Flexible dates & times for you to book & combine your sessions during your trip in Lanzarote Island.

Emotional Training sessions:

You can start the training from any of the modules, the important thing is that you attend all of them:

Module 1) Bases of emotional balance. Neurophysiological aspects of emotions. Auto-adjustment exercises.

Module 2) Stress. Hypothalamic-Hipophisis-Adrenal axis. How do the brain and our other vital organs process stress. Exercises to learn how to handle stress.

Module 3) Obsessive thoughts. Running of the brain prefrotal cortex. Exercises to calm the mind down and relaxing exercises.

Module 4) Time perception. Organic management of the thyroid gland when we sense time pressure in our daily life. Exercises to regulate thyroid secretions.

Module 5) Bioenergetic immune system. How others emotions affect us and how can our organism protect itself. Strategies to relate better in social environments such as family, friends, colleagues… with more balance. Empathy exercises and strategies to increase energetic immunity.

Your private Homostesia session (self-knowledge experience):

See your energy in images with the biophotonic technology developed by St. Petersburgh University scientists. An amazing projection in a wall of how the energy is flowing in your body, and where is blocked. Discover how your life is impacting in your organs & emotions.

-Analysis from your hands fingers, innocuous and non invassive. No pain, you don’t need to take off your clothes.

-Your stress levels & emotional pressure levels.

-The balances & disbalances in each organ.

-You get tips to improve the energy flow in your body depending of the results.

-The session end with 10 minutes biofeedback with your own body frequencies connected to your ears, getting a deep relaxation and instant  wellness sensation.

Important: We do not analyze people with heart pacemaker or with big metalic prothesis in their bodies, because this metal can alter the results.  This is not a medical diagnosis. Is a self-awareness tool. If you are worried about your health, please visit your trusted professional.


At the amazing panoramic sea views room of Famara Yoga, in Caleta de Famara.

Fanara Yoga Caleta de Famara

INSTRUCTOR: Bianca Atwell Joining Science and Art Project Director, scientific speaker & researcher. Certified analist by I.I.B.A. in physiophysical-emotional analysis with EPC/EPI biophotonic technology designed by St. Petersburgh University scientists.

Bianca Atwell certified EPC/EPI analyst
INVESTING: 150 Euros (residents) or 180 euros (non residents) including all 5 modules and the private  Homostesia session.


English, portugués & español speaking.

Book your emotional trip calling or sending a WhatsApp or an SMS at Famara Yoga to the phone (+34) 609944851

Flexible dates & times for you to book & combine your sessions during your trip.

Private Homostesia analysis only (one hour session) 80 euros.  

Caleta de Famara interesting activities, Lanzarote Canary Islands.

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See your emotional state in images & emotional training in Lanzarote.
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